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"Jones is the perfect foil for him, injecting strength and vulnerability into her character while sacrificing none of Peeps' anarchic Looney Tunes qualities. I could have watched those two fire barbs and bounce off each other for hours."

Richard Sanford

Columbus Dispatch

"...attracting the attention of, among others, the amorous Mrs. Potiphar, played with a generous amount of seductive playfulness by the exquisite Melissa Jones."

Dave Christer

Newport Mercury

"In a small but affecting role, her third this season, Melissa Jones stands out as Hunyak, the Hungarian woman whose only English words are “not guilty.” Her final scene stands in contrast to the play’s silly premise.'

Betty J. Cocker

Southern Rhode Island Newspaper

"...Melissa Jones, as a bubbly, Bernadette Peters inspired Babette, the french maid, really shows sparkle in her portrayal."

Cary Ginell

Ventura County Onstage

"For all its bawdy ballads and gleeful treatment of its dark subject matter, one can forget that “Chicago” has a chilling and dramatic scene: Time runs out for one woman behind bars, who apparently couldn’t come up with $5,000 to hire Billy Flynn as her lawyer. It’s Hungarian inmate Hunyak, played convincingly by Melissa Jones. She might actually be innocent. As executed on stage — with a rope fashioned into a noose and red cloth for symbolism — the production allows important unanswered questions to be raised."

Janine Weisman

Newport Mercury

"In general, this is family-friendly fare, but there is one suggestive dance number between Joseph and the Pharaoh’s wife (in a wonderful turn by Melissa Jones)."

Betty J. Cotter

Southern Rhode Island Newspaper

"And Melissa Jones as the flirtatious Babette...these actors breathe life into the castle's collection of Enchanted Objects."

Veronica Bruscini

Broadway World Rhode Island

"He also woos the sexy Babette played wonderfully by Melissa Jones. They do a marvelous tango in the show."

Tony Annicone

The Theatre Mirror New England Theatre Guide

"Crisp comic characterizations by...Melissa Jones as Babette (the French feather duster)...heighten the show's hilarity."

Robert W. McDowell

Triange Arts and Entertainment

"Melissa Jones also deserves a mention for the liveliest Babette I have ever seen."

Harmony Wheeler

BroadwayWorld Fresno

"Melissa Jones gives the French feather duster Babette the right flavor of sauciness."

Tim Dunleavy

Dc Metro Theatre Arts

"Overall, I enjoyed the entire cast, especially the flirty wordplay between promiscuous Babette (Melissa Jones) and Lumiere (Ryan N. Phillips)."

Leanna Pough

Niner Times

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